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The young man in the center of the highlited area of the photo is Joseph Calabro, WWII B-24 pilot, winner of the Bronze Star, and veteran of 52 missions into Europe. Joe was born in Ossining, New York. Joe had family in Palermo Sicily, and he was able to find them. This photo is of Joe having dinner with members of his Sicilian family. Note the girl to Joe's left. She is trying on his military cap! I met Joe in New York in 1971 while working with American Airlines. Joe and his family moved to Tulsa in 1972. He passed away in 2006 at the age of 89.

Submitted by Don Morey

Because of my ability to, at that time,to speak and write fluent French, I was assigned duty on a French army base, in La Rochelle, France for a period of three years.. My duties were strictly as a liaison between the French Government, the French Army in that region and the United States Army in that region of France. My office was on the French army base with my own secretary and my own company car (See attached photo).

Upon completion of the tour, I was given a medal from the French Army, a Certificate of Achievement from the French government and a Certificate of Achievement from Headquarters, United States Army Europe, Communication Zone.

The picture of my company car, even in the army! This was when I was liason between the French Army and the US Army. My own office and car! Kind of neat!

Duke Locke

Duane "Buzz" Hill