The post maintains a close and active interface with the entire Frontenac school system to include the new Superintendent and both the High School and Elementary School Principals. Upon the arrival of the new superintendent, Mr. Destry visited our Post during a monthly meeting and took the opportunity to meet all members present.

The working relationship between the Post and many members of the School Staff has become routine and in the best interests of all concerned especially the students and those in need of or deserving of assistance. Through the school nurse, the Post provides financial assistance in such areas as the “Needy Children’s Fund” at the beginning of each school year, 3 “Food Baskets” at both Thanksgiving and Christmas to needy families identified by the Elementary School Staff, and financial support for “Operation Wrap-up” a school program for needy children at Christmas.

Other activities supported by our Post are selection and attendance at “Boys State”, by qualified Juniors. Likewise the Auxiliary does the same for “Girls State”. Normally The Post and Auxiliary pay all fees associated with these activities. Providing scholarships to deserving graduates, coming from our Post and also the Ladies Auxiliary.

In addition to the above, the Post raises the National Colors at all home football games. On Veterans Day the entire school (700+ students grades 1 thru 12) put on a program for Post and Auxiliary members. This has been an ongoing activity for the past 8 years. On average approximately 45 veterans and another 20 Auxiliary members attend this function. Finally, the Graduates from both Boys State and Girls State provide assistance to our Post on Memorial Day, to include marching in our activities and carrying the Post and Auxiliary colors as well as the National Colors.

The Post is very proud of our relationship with the Frontenac School System and derives a great deal of satisfaction from the assistance we are able to supply. We only desire to maintain and expand on our relationship in the future.

Support of other non-profit organizations:

In addition to the support of the Frontenac School System,(USD 249) financial assistance is provided routinely and annually to national funds and district organizations such as the MDA, The Salvation Army, 3rd DistrictVeterans Home, The Childrens Miracle Network, Both Local Churches, Mt Carmel Hospital Transportation Fund, Mirza Shrine Transportation Fund, Local Miners Memorial, Frontenac Police Indigent Fund, Safe House, Wesley House, Ronald McDonalds House, Mercy Foundation and Human Society. Most of these activities are supported regularily by both the Post and the Post Auxiliary.


The Post performs a “walk through” at the wake for any veteran member of the Post, or also for any “immediate family” of a member of the Post. Members of the Post attending such an activity averages between 25 to 40. When the deceased is a member of our Post, a short, but brief ceremony is provided with concise comments. Graveside services are rendered by the Post upon request of the family to include folding of the National Colors and the playing of Taps. If the family has stated a desire for full military honors, the Post insures that arrangements are made to satisfy the desires of the family. In the past, upon the request of the funeral home, the Post has provided graveside services for other veterans, not a member of our Post.


Bingo is conducted every Thursday evening commencing at 0630 pm at the Frontenac Senior Citizens Center and usually lasts for about two hours. Bob Griglione is Post 43 Bingo Chairman and is assisted by 15 other members and one non-member. To conduct the games requires 6 Post Members each night and these workers rotate, 2 “callers” and 4 “sellers/floor workers”.

This activity produces at least 90% of the Post income and in reality is the only reason that the Post is able to function as it does, providing the ability to support the local community needs, support USD 249 and their students, support both local and national charities and cover our routine operating expenses. Attendance includes individuals from Crawford, Cherokee and Bourbon counties and varies from 50 to 80 bingo players each night. The games are conducted in a no smoking environment.

The Post # 43 Ladies Auxiliary operates the snack bar each night before and during bingo and their profits are used as they deem necessary. They serve coffee, soft drinks, candy, popcorn, hotdogs/conies, homemade goodies, etc.


Post meetings are held the 3rd Wednesday of every month with the exception of the month of December. No meeting is held in December. Meetings are conducted in accordance with the procedures outlined in “The American Legion Officer’s Guide”. Minutes are published on this Web Cite in another section.

Attendance at the monthly meetings over the past several year varies from a low of 22 in attendance, to a high of 45 members in attendance. Following each meeting cold cuts with chips, other goodies and refreshments are provided at no cost to the attendees.

All expenditures of the Post are approved by a majority vote of those present, without exception. The activities following the meeting provides an opportunity for enhancing camaraderie among members and stimulating discussion topics for future improvement in the Posts operations.

Disposal of Unserviceable Flags:

Usually on an annual basis, the post performs dignified disposal of unserviceable flags. Ideally, the post prefers to conduct this activity on Flag Day. The ceremonies parallell those suggested in the “Manual of Ceremonies” published by the American Legion. Coordination with the City of Frontenac and informing the local residents of the upcoming event is aprerequisite to the actual activity. When possible we attempt to integrate the local Boys Scouts or Girls Scouts to participate in this function.

Medical Equipment Available:

Nov 30th, 2007: The post has continued to loan out Medical equipment to persons requesting then as follows: Lift chairs, wheel chairs, walkers, portable potties, other smaller miscellaneous equipment. The Post is in the process of attempting to rehab a "mobile battery operated" wheel chair..